Fundamental Principles

This Consortium will engage in the conservation of coral reefs based on the need to inherit healthy coral reefs to the future generations so that we create a society that is truly sustainable for Okinawa.

1 Promoting comprehensive coral reef conservation

The Consortium will promote comprehensive and sustainable coral reef conservation activities including marine and terrestrial environments.

2 Cooperating with diverse entities

The Consortium will promote the cross-organizational conservation activities of coral reefs while facilitating cooperative relationship among such diverse entities as local residents, fishermen, tourism operators, farmers, companies in and outside Okinawa, educators, researchers, NPOs and government bodies.

3 Supporting local coral reef conservation activities

The Consortium will support coral reef conservation activities by gathering and distributing a range of relevant information to local communities, as well as sharing demands and challenges received from communities and proposing solutions.

4 Guaranteeing the freedom to express opinions and ensuring the Consortium's neutrality

The Consortium's constituent members will be guaranteed the freedom to express their opinions, and the Consortium will take a fair and neutral stance on different interests and opinions and not be swayed by specific politics, ideologies or economic interests in its approach to coral reef conservation.

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